5 Amazing health benefits of Ginger

Ginger is flowering plant which used as a spice in food .Ginger spices comes from its root.It is mostly used for taste and flavour purpose but it contain verious medicinal and health benefits. Ginger have number of health benefits.

Ginger have following amazing health benefits:-

1. Treat Migraine:-

Ginger root are helpfull to treat headache and migraine.Take 1 teaspoon ginger paste into 1 cup of little warm water and add one teaspoon honey on it .mix well and drink .Used this twice a day provide good result to migraine.

Treat migraine

2 Skin benefits :-

Ginger contain anti oxidant which provide improvement to skin cell. Ginger contain healing capability which is good for skin. For glowing skin take a bit of ginger and regular gentle rub provide glow to skin. For cure scrab ,rashes get ginger rash( paste) and mix into neem oil then apply on affected part give good results.

3. For Asthma and Sinus:-

Asthma mainly affect the respiratory tract .Ginger reduce airway inflammation and provide relaxation to airway.Various study on ginger proof that its helpfull to asthma

Take one teaspoon ginger paste add one teaspoon turmeric paste then add honey according to taste ;Eating that after one hours of meal evening and morning provide amazing result to inhibit of asthma.

4. Reduce muscle pain:-

Ginger contain anti- inflammatory property which help to reduce muscle pain .But it not show immediate impact because its not steroids ginger only natural remedies .Consuming 2gram ginger par day for 8-9 day reduce muscle pain.

5. Prevent heart disease:-

Serval research found ginger reduce lipoprotein which is main cause of heart disease. Regular drink ginger tea reduce chances of heart attack.

Regular drink Ginger tea reduce chance of heart attack

Ginger contain

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper

Its also have antifungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties.

So let’s start used Ginger


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