Eye is very sensitive organ of body. Care of eye is necessary for good eye health. Some series eye defect cause big problem aslo reason of blindness. Common eye diseases are following;

1. Near Sight Ness (Myopia)

Myopia or near sight ness is very common in india and also world. More then 10 million cases occur per year. The main cause is eye ball is longer then normal. Light rays converge in front of the retina, causing a blurred image. This condition can be corrected by using appropriate concave lenses.

According to NCBI chinese eye exercises help to prevent myopia in children.

2. Far Sight Ness (Hypermetropia)

It is also very coomon eye defect. Hypermetropia is more common vision condition in adults. Far sightness is due to the eyeball is shorter then normal. Light rays strike the ratina before converging, causing a blurred image. This condition can be corrected by using appropriate convex lenses.

3. Astigmatisme

The common symptoms of astigmatism is blurred vision, headache or eye strain and also poor night vision. This diseases of eye is occur due to irregular curvature of cornea or lens. It can be corrected by using cylindrical glasses.

4. Presbiopia

This condition is due to loss of flexibility by the lens. It creates difficulty in focussing on near objects. It can be corrected by using convex lenses.

5. Cataract

The first symptoms of cataract is blurry vision. Lens become opaque due to aging or diseases. It leads to blindness. It can be corrected by removing the lens. Wearing suitable glasses is helpfull for better cure. Also can treat by replacing defective lens with normal lens from a donor.

Cornea may also become opaque. This is series condition. It can be corrected by grafting a new cornea. People should will their cornea and lenses to other at the time of death. This is because the lens and cornea have little blood supply. Tissue rejection is common but not series problem with their transplant.

6. Glaucoma

Due to damage of optic nerve cause permanent blindness is called glaucome. It is group of eye conditions which cause blindness. This eye disease is occur mostly in old ages. When we tell about its treatment. You need to know glaucome cannot cure. But it can be controlled by proper medicine and doctor advice.

By the follow serval eye care tips we can maintain own health. And also overcome these eye defect.

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