Ear is only one main hearing organ of body. Cure is more than treatment of anything. By using below point we provide better Ear care tips;

1. Do not insert anything for cleaning of ear:-

Continue cleaning of ear is necessary but it can be done with some safety precaution.Do not probe the external ear canal with hard objects, such as tooth pricks, pencils, match 4, hairpins, as these can injure the delicate ear drum. Injury to ear drum may cause infection and even deafness.Clean with little amont of water at time of bathing is helpfull and good.

2. Ear wax is harmful or not! :-

People think ear wax is always harmful to ear. So they remove ear wax completely. Ear wax is harmful or benificial both.

Wax in the external ear canal protects the ear drum from drying up, scaling and damage by water while bathing or swimming. Excess wax collected in the ear should be got removed by a physician. Never remove by a roadside quack. They latter may injure the ear drum.

3. Remove foreign objects for ear care :-

Insects also affect ear

  • Foreign object such as live insects, may something get into ear. These should be got removed by a physician. A live insects is very troublesome. It may be quietened by dropping some light mineral oil into the ear till it can be removed.
  • Accumulation of dirt along with wax from a hard plug, causing earache, boil or even temporary deafness. Physician’ s help should be taken to remove such a plug.

4. Other infections also affects ear:-

  • During cold and tonsils, infection may extend to middle ear, causing deafness. Therefore, cold and respiratory infections should be promptly attended to. Respiratory infection affect both ear and eye health. Click here to tips of eye care.
  • Blowing of nose too hard during cold may force mucus containing infections organism into the eustachian tubes

5. Protection against Noise, Air and injury :-

  • When you are working near noise environment used earplug. Which is helpfull to reduce chance of hearing losses due to excessive noise.
  • Wear halmet while bike riding, when you are working any machine. When you are drive a bike ear are connect to very high speed air which are very harmful to ear drum.Any oparating machine can give injury to our head or ear. Wear of halmet protect our ear against high speed air or macchine.

6. Consult Ear specialist for better ear care :-

  • If ear taking any internal or external injury. Firstly consult a ear specialist. Do not self treat of ear because its very sensible organ.
  • Consult of your doctor in case of earache and discharge from the ear. These indicate infection.