Every vegetables, herbs and fruits are own beneficial used .Like other tomato also useful to health.

It can be used in frying and without frying. without frying is more good as compare to fry. Health benefits of tomato are amazing now we study about that.

1. Improve appetite and digestion:-

Number of people faces digestive problem. Appetite and digestive problem is common and big. This is due to increases intake of fast food and decreases in physical activity. When we study about health benefits of tomato its amazing about digestion.

Take half pieces of raw tomato and pour black salt on it and eating 15 minutes before meal .which  provide good result to enhance appetite and digestion

2. Maintain cholesterol level:-

Tomato contain compound lycopene which maintain cholestrol .Continue eating raw tomato with meal is help to decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). Ginger also maintain cholestrol level.

3. Glowing skin:-

Tomato contain antioxidant power which work as natural astrigent. Lap to tomato provide glow to skin. Eating of raw tomato also work as skin glower

4. Cure type-2 diabetics:-

Tomato contain cromium and fibers which help to decrease sugar level in type-2 diabetes patients. Eating tomato salad is helpfull in that particular condition

Cromium and fibers maintain cholestrol level

5. Anti-Carsinogenic:-

Anti – carcinogenic substance are those which help to prevent the cancer .Drinking 30-50 ml tomato juice in empty stomach at morning help to destroyed cancer cell.Regular used show good result in recovery of cancer.

6. Bone strength:-

Tomato contain vitamin K which help to treatment of osteoarthritis .Eating tomato provide strength to bone.

7. Improve immunity:-

Immunity is work as a barrier of any diseases.Tomato is good source of vitamin C which provide main role to increase immunity.

So let’s start eating tomato!!!!


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