After Covid vaccines most of people suffer fever, its may be one to few days. Now one common question of every person’ mind, After Vaccination fever is good or bad?

After doing serval research and analysis we trying to resolve these questions.

According to Medical Science when body temperature is above 38°C (100.4 F) its defined as fever. Every types of vaccines is given for produce immunity against specific diseases. After vaccination lot of heat is generated to immunize the body. These heat is main reason behind the fever.

Not only covid vaccines, other vaccines like polio and hepatitis B (HB 2) also produce fever. Now We can easily say its very normal and common side effect. Not specific treatment to need to overcome there fever. Common counter medicine like peracetamol help to decrease body temperature.

Is it Compulsory to Get Fever After Vaccination

Another big misconception about vaccination “is it compulsory to get fever after vaccination”

Most of people think if fever is not get then vaccines is not good. Most of side effect is varries body to body. If you are internally stong and your immunity is already good. Then after vaccination your body help to maintain body temperature by self. Chance of fever in good immunize person is very less.

At the end we can say after vaccination fever is not good and also not bad. Its not necessary but normal side effect.

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