Among all the nutrition deficiency, anaemia is the only which is not easily noticeable even when it is quite severe. It is a problem for millions of people and in most cases is due to a deficiency of iron. Deficiencies of other vitamins and protein could also cause anaemia.

Causes of Anaemia

Anaemia is caused by many other factor, one of which is insufficient intake of iron rich food. Other factor are failure of the digestive tract to absorb any of the essential nutrients, infections, having worms or parasites. Many children may be anaemic because they have worms. You can take care of this with medicine and good hygienic practices.

Blood loss also leads to anaemia. Women are more likely to become anaemic than men. During growth, as the body increase in size, it needs to have more blood and the nutrients necessary for blood formation. Thus children are also susceptible to anaemia.

What are the symptoms of being anaemic?

our body needs oxygen to release energy from the food you eat. This oxygen is carried by your blood. If you are anaemic, your blood cannot carry as much oxygen as you need and consequently you cannot get all the energy you need from your food. Children who are anaemic may not be able to run around or play and may not to do well in their studies. Anaemia person feel tired easily and are unable to work hard. You will find that an anaemia person look pale. Many people complain of breathlessness and some people complain of headaches. Anaemia in pregnancy can lead to low birth weight of the infants and death of mother during child birth.

Fastest way to cure anaemia:-

Anaemia can be prevented by consuming foods rich in iron such as green leafy vegetables, dhals, wheat, rice flakes and liver. You will be able to absorb iron better from these foods if you take some vitamins C and/or protein with them. Vitamins C rich food source include orange, lemon, amla etc.

Home remedies for cure of anaemia

You need not worry because many green leafy vegetables have enough vitamins C in them like tomato ( Dhals, liver, meat are good source of protein which will help in absorption of iron.

Avoid frequent consumption of tea, as it interferes with the absorption of iron. Under nutritional Anaemia programme the expectant and nursing mother are given one tablet of iron and folic acid containing: 60 mg of elemental iron and 0.5 mg folic acid, whereas, the children in the age group of 1-5 years receive 20 mg elemental iron and 0.1 mg folic for 100 days.