Before discuss about artificial respiration firstly discuss basic of respiration. We know respiration is exchange of gases for survival. Inhalation and exhalation of gases is comes under respiration process. Artificial respiration is another name for CPR.

What is Artificial Respiration

Then need to know definition of artificial breathing or respiration. It is also a respiration which is provided to a person who has stopped breathing or face very difficulty in breathings. Now question come in mind is that. When does a person need artificial respiration. Difficulty or stop breathing is due to smoke inhalation, drowning, or electric shock and poison inhalation.

Method of Artificial Respiration

Mouth to mouth method is commonly employed. The neck of patient is lifted by placing one hand under it. The head is tilted backward as far as possible to prevent blockage of upper respiratory tract by the tongue.

In addition the lower jaw may be pulled forward. So that the lower teeth are in front of upper teeth. This will pull the tongue, which is attached to lower jaw, away from posterior pharyngeal wall. The mouth to prevent air leakage.

The nose of patient is now closed with fingers. Nose also closed by pressing the cheek against the nose. Air is blown into the patient’s mouth until the chest is seen to expand. The mouth is then removed. The chest watched while expiration take place. The process should be repeated 12 to 15 times.

In infants, the mouth may be applied over both mouth and nose

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