Dry ginger is dried form of fresh ginger.it is called Sonth in hindi.other then spices it have various usefull effect on health.storage of dry ginger is very easy it is used in kitchen for flavour.

How to make dry ginger:-

Take fresh ginger or rhizome and dip into water for one night .then next morning remove uper peel carefully by using knife.After that take it in direct sun light for 5-7 days then after particular time dry ginger is read to used.

Dry ginger or ginger powder is easy to storage .It have various health benefits in which some main benefits are following:-

Weight loss:-

If you want to loss your weight ginger can help you .Take glass of warm water add one lemon add honey one teaspoon then add dry ginger powder mix well .Used this drink in empty stomach in morning .Regular used of lemon ginger drink provide good result to weight loss.

Increase immunity:-

Immunity is work as enemy of disease. It is essential for body.Take powder of dry ginger then add dry lemon powder and mix well used this content after lunch one time a day.Regular used show good result to immunity increase.Tomato also used to improve immunity

Improve metabolism:-

If ours metabolism is good we are good .We eat food for energy and energy genrate by breakdown of food by metabolic process.ginger in dry form give enhancement to metabolism.

After meal take dry ginger powder and small amount of black salt and eat with warm water ,continue used of these thing provide good improvement.

Decrease inflammation in organ :-

Dry ginger have anti inflammatory property which help to decrease inner inflammation of body part.Ginger powder used with water before meal provide amazing result in inflammation treatment.

Anti -cold:-

Ginger is warm by nature .Both form of ginger ( i.e. dry and fresh) used for treatment of cold.Ginger tea is helpfull to inhibit cough and cold both.Add Tulsi leave in ginger tea provide good result.