Covid 19

Can Lemon Drops is Uses in Nose for corona Treatment

bowl with wet lemons on table near napkin

At present continue increase in corona cases, all around fear in atmosphere. Everyone want to know how to cure covid symptoms.

In feared environment, number of post viral on social media regarding corona viruses treament.

In past few post viral and trending on social media, which claimed about covid can be treat by putting 3-4 drops of lemon juice into nose.

Viral post says if you suffer from corona viruses and your oxygen level is low. Then 2-3 drops of lemon into nose increase oxygen saturation level and help to cure covid symptoms. However government tagged ‘Lemon therapy ‘ video as fake.

No scientific proof is available there about covid symptoms can be treat by lemon.

Health benefits if lemon are various, like its high in vitamin C which direct related to immunity. Continue use lemon juice for drink help to prevent dehydration and maintain immunity. But we cannot say it help to treat corona viruses.

Big mistake of people ,they search on google or other social media ” home remedies for corona” . And after search they used these remedies for self cure without discussion any health expert.

If you suffer from symptoms like fever, cough, cold ,not necessary you effect by corona viruses. Cure symptoms under medical supervisor don’t creat panic.

Don’t share any post without confirmation its fake or real. Its time to need aware and mentally strong.

Doing daily yoga and excercise and eating healthy food are much better way to maintain own health.