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In this post we discuss about Corona which is big question to the whole world in 2020 Here you read about effect of Corona on health ,it’s effect on economy of country ,it’s duration time and care and prevention of Corona.Here You are also read about sarval sciencetific research on Corona.

Corona starts from a city of china but now it spread worldwide .every country of world is trouble and difficult condition due to Corona viersus .economy of many country is face bad effect and go downward.Corona is big health hazard due to its spreading power.its also dangerous to health not due to death causing due to spreading infection .death and spreading rate at all country is not same its varies country to country.

Corona’s effect

Effect on economy:-Corona show very bad effect on whole world’s economy.Economy of many countries go downword .share market are crused.Crude oil are down on zero doller.Enemployement is increaseses which also effect on economy.Many new startup also near to sutdown.

Effect on health :-Every disease firstly show own effect on health then secondary other thing are come .Corona show own effect on many part of body like throat , intestine,lungs , mostly respiratory and digestive system are targeting site of Corona viruses.its start our symptoms like 4-14 days like fever ,cold , sneezing, feel weekness , diarrhea ,dry cough and also causes death.

How to deal Corona :-

At present and sarval months aslo say year Corona is part of life. We have learnt to leave with Corona .Mask , sanitizer and social distancing is key of prevention of Corona these three keys make part of our life to help overcome to these health hazard.by the used of these safety we are save from corona

Practical solutions to Corona virsus:-

Every news channel,every newspaper show that Corona cases continue increases but it’s not 100 %truth.Not cases increases continue increment in the test of viruses.Easy to understand we take an example of country India where death rate is very low but how we say spread rate is low!! When India take 10 lakh test then cases occur 40 thousands which is 4% next now testing speed is increased and 20 lakh total tests show 80 thousands cases now we can say spread rate is 4-5 %.suppose if taking testing of 130crore total papulation then 4%case is 5 crore and then also less rural area population which is 70-80% then we can say near 1 crore person are infection by Corona virsus at present but due to death rate is slow they cannot appears .Death rate is slow because due to normal food eating and good healthy conditions.

Don’t fear about Corona take face it and only one way to beat it not lockdown i.e. boost own immunity to overcome these tipical condition.next blog we discuss about how to boost immunity