Eye care are necessary for good health of eyes. Sarvel given tips that improve eye health and prevent disease so let’s take a look. Hey everyone here we helped to tell learn about the eyes vision and eye health.

1. Eye protection:-

The eyes are very delicate organ and need special care. For better eye care the following steps is helpful:-

  • Eyes should be protected from dust, smoke, poisonous gases and very strong light.
  • Foreign objects, such as dust, coal, or sand particles, hay pieces, etc., may fall into the eyes. Eyes should not be rubbed to dislodge them as this may injure cornea if the object the angular.
  • Washing the eyes with clean water, remove particle or pieces, else the help of physician should be taken.

2. Reading

Reading of book, newspaper or any another thing also effect on health of eyes.Sarval reading guideline which help to maintain eye health.

Held 36cm away from eye
  • While reading, the page should be held about 36cms. from the eyes and preferably at an angle of 45-70° from the horizontal.
  • One should read in proper light that does not strain the eyes. Light should preferably come from the left side, not from the front.
  • The small print that strains the eyes should be avoided.

3. Eye infections take seriously :-

Eye infections, such as trachoma, eye flu, should be taken seriously and promptly treated. They may cause blindness and also spread to others in the family.

4. Healthy diet for better eye care:-

Healthy diet is necessary for whole body growth. Working of every organ is directly and indirectly depends upon diet. Good diet is direct related to care of eye health.

Green leafy vegetables is good of eye care
  • Eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and collards. Green chili play good role to enhance eye sight.
  • Citrus fruit like orange, lemon and others helpful to eye health.

Eat Good fat (Omega-3 fatty acid) :-

Increase the good fats in your diet. Namely omega 3 fatty acids in case you haven’t heard mega 3 fatty acids are considered the good fats. That we find in some natural food sources such as oily fish like salmon is wheels from some vegetable sources including nuts and seeds.

There’s even an algae based supplement that I’ve found that you can actually take as an alternative to taking fish oil capsules as a supplement now there’s a whole lot of omega 3 debates on how will make its officials could help with heart health or joint health or even neurological brain health.

There are a lot of documented studies that show support that omega 3 fatty acids can help with dry eye symptoms as well as preventing retinal disease. What’s really interesting is that research studies have consistently shown that people who eat a diet with higher amounts of omega threes in them have decreased risk of developing age related eye diseases.

Eat vitamin by supplement or diet:-

Vitamin A is helpful to enhance and maintain the eye sight.

Vitamin supplementation ia helpfull for diseases like age related macular degeneration. Vitamins out there to supplement for your health. I personally taken vitamin everyday. I promise restore which is more formulated to prevent age related eye diseases mainly by increasing was called the M. pod.

Which stands for macular pigment optical density it’s really the amount of structural support pigmented layer in the back of the eye. By taking these vitamins you increase the amount of pigment and that helps prevent aging eye disease mainly by preventing damage from high energy light that we get from the sun and digital devices.I personally still think it’s best to try and eat healthy foods and vitamin

5. Wear sunglasses for eye care:-

Direct sunlight is harmful to eyes. At the time of summer sun rays contain more heat which is dangerous to eyes.

  • Sunglass helpfull to eye protection against sun light, any dust particles.
  • At the time of night do not wear dark colour glasses.
  • Day time wear black glass goggles and night time wear white or light glass goggles.

6. Consultant to eye specialist :-

  • Any accidental injury to the eye must be quickly attended to by an eye specialist.

Nothing to be put into the eyes without the physician advise. Quack’ s eye lotion can be harmful.

7. Prevention of eye Infections:-

Care of eye necessary to prevent eye infection. It is can be prevent by following steps :-

  • A child with sore eye should not be sent to school as infections can spread to other children.
  • Flies should not allowed to sit on the sore eye because they can carry infection to healthy eye of others
  • Persons with the eye infections should have separate handkerchief, towel, pillow, etc. Use of these article by other can give infection.
  • Eye discharge of the child should not be wiped off by the mother with her clothes. A separate neat napkin should be used for this and it should be frequently change to avoid reinfection.
  • Eye should not be touched with unclean hands or clothes.

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