This article about nutritional value and health benifits Lemon.It is a citrus fruit which is good source of vitamin C .Lemon come with benifits but we discuss only proven benifits of health

1. Vitamin C:-

Vitamin C is good source for immunity increment.Vitamin C help to recover common cold serval heart disease. Lemon is a citrus fruit which is good source of vitamin c .100gram lemon provide 53 mg vitamin C.

2. Weight loss:-

Lemon drink increases metabolism of body .It is help to decrease weight because lemon water have low calorie and provide fullness filling so prevent intake extra calories.

At early morning take one glass of warm water add one lemon and one teaspoon honey mix well and drink

Regular used of these lemon drink provide good result to weight loss.

3 Improve Digestion:-

Many people used lemon drink daily they don’t suffering from constipation because lemon help to cleaning the intestine and stomach .If digestive tract is clean then appetite is also increase.

4. Maintain cholestrol level:-

Lemon or lemon drink used on daily bases decease LDL I.e. bad cholestrol and increase HDL I.e. good cholestrol.Used of lemon with combination of garlic provide amazing result.

5. Good for kidney health:-

Lemon contain a compound name citric acid which is increase urine formation in body.Kidney stone is break down by citric acid and remove by urine.Lemon ia helo to remove excessive wastage is and cleaning the urinary tract.

Medical use of lemon:-

Lemon have serval medical use it has help to treat scurvy which is cause due to deficiency of vitamin C. Lemon can be used for cold ,flu and viral .

Antioxidant and anti-cancer role of lemon also investigated.Lemon also show antimicrobial activity.

Benifits of lemon juice:-

  • Maintain water balance in body
  • Reduce chances of dehydration
  • Provide glow to skin
  • Freshen your breath
  • Work as energy booster