Ear infection is very common problem. Infection of causes so pain. Can you treat ear infection by home remedies. Firstly we need to know, what is ear infection?

Infection of ear mainly caused by microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, or also yeast. It only not for case of child, every aged person can affected by ear infection. Ear have main three area which can effected by infection.

  • Outer ear infection
  • Middle ear infection
  • Inner ear infection

Sign of Ear infection

  • Inflammation in ear uper or inner part
  • Redness
  • Problem in hearing
  • Pus draining
  • Pain and itching
  • More pain also cause little fiver or headache.

Home Remedies for Ear Infection

If pain is not more. First stage of infection we can easily treat at home by used serval remedies. These remedies not causes any types of side effects. If you waiting for medical treatment then these home remedies is for you. Not only adult ear infection, child infection can also be treat at home.

1. Heat

Hot pack or electric heating reduce pain and inflammation in ear. It help to reduce redness also.

Heat is only in bearable amount. Excess heat cause other issues. Hot pad apply near 15-20 minutes.

2. Chew-gum

If you driving on high altitude or in a aeroplane. Some time ear pain occur this is due to change in air pressure. Chew some gum. It can reduce that pressure and help to treat ear pain.

3. Garlic

Garlic contain good antibiotics properties. It help to killing many types of microorganisms.

Eating clove of garlic for ear day, help to treat ear infection. Not only ear infection other body infection can aslo cure by garlic.

If you suffer pain in ear, then take 2-3 clove of garlic in two tablespoon of mustard oil. Heat up until the colour of garlic brown. After that it stand for some time to cold. Used one to two drops daily in ear. These help to cure ear pain and also good for ear infection relief.

Garlic help to treat ear pain

4. Ear Drops

Number of ear drops are available. Ear drops come in home remedies because its also easily available. No need any type of prescription to buy ear drops.

Naturopathic ear drops have good result to treat primary infection and pain in ear. FDA approved Naturopathic due to its successive rate.

Drops of tea tree oil also help to cure ear pain and infection. But it have serval limitations.

5. Onions

Onions also have anti infection properties, like garlic.

Onion available in every kitchen and give good result. Take a microwave and heat onion for one to two minutes. Remaining strain of liquid apply in ear. One to two drops are good. After drop apply lie down 8-10 minutes and flow out from ear. Repeat this two time a days for days. This process give batter result to cure ear infection and also pain.

6. Breast Milk

If baby is suffering from ear infection. Then breast milk is good option to cure infection. Breast milk have good anti microbial properties.

Few drops of breast milk give best result. Take few drops of breast milk in each ear for 2-3 time a days. Repeat this process for few days.

These above remedies are only for primary treatment. If you suffer from series infection for long days. Then meet your doctor. Not take any allopathy antibiotics without prescription.