Strep throat is very common health problem. Most people have misconception about ist treatment. Number of remedies is available in our home which help to cure strep throat. Before these we need to know its cause.

What Cause Strep Throat

Strep throat is a infection which is cause by bacteria streptococcus. It is commonly caused by bacteria. But some time it due to viruses. Spreading infection from sick people also cause of strep throat.

Common symptoms are inflammation, lymph note enlargement, red tonsils.

Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Strep throat is very common. Due to change in weather most of people suffer from it. After suffering they used allopathy medicine to cure. Allopathy is best as a temporary and emergency use but long time its not good. Many people ask How to treat strep throat at home.

Treatment of strep throt at home is very easy. After many research and study we trying to tell serval specific remedies for cure of strep throat. All given remedies are proven based.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Try apple cider vinegar, it has good anti bacterial properties. If you suffering form strep throat use one cup or more apple cider vinegar. Which provide good result to cure strep throat. It is also used to treat Yeast infection.

Vinegar is acidic in nature if you have any acidic problem then consult your doctor before using apple cider vinegar.

2. Gargling with Salt water

Gargling give good result to treat strep throat. It also help to reduce inflammation and pain due to tonsils.

Take one glass of worm water and add half teaspoon tablespoon. Stiring to make complete dissolution. Gargles with these water. Swish through mouth serval second. Doing gargling two three time a day give better result.

3. Can Honey Cure Strep Throat

Honey have anti bacterial properties. It is best remedies for cure strep throat.

Most of cough syrup contain honey as main ingredient.Honey also use as cough suppressant. Many research done on honey to its anti bacterial properties. If you suffering from strep throat take one tablespoon honey in worm water. Drink water after complete dissolve. Honey can also used with tea.

4. Tea

green tea good to cure strep throat
Ginger tea give good result to treat strep throat

Many types of tea is used to cure strep throat. Ginger tea is one of best for any types of throat infection. Because Ginger have good antibacterial properties.

Green and clove tea both help to reduce inflammation in throat. They also fight against bacteria. If you fill pain and inflammation in throat then peppermint tea is good option.

Drink warm tea for cure strep throat.

5. Humidifier

In cold days air is dry which is main reason for strep throat. Dry air can irritate throat. That time purchase a humidifier, which help to keep air moist and open your sinuses.

At sleep time keep your humidifier on as needed. Humidifiers have number of benifits.