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In this post you read total detail about immunity.which is play main to role to fight with disease here we discuss about causes of deficiency of Immunity, immunity booster .At present corona’s tipical conditions knowledge about immunity is necessary for everyone .so let’s start:-

What is Immunity

It is group of T-cells ,B- cells and NK-cells which all are part of white blood cells ( WBC) .These are work as a barrier of diseases.they help to kill various viruses , bacteria and other many protozoa.Immunity are two main types which are:

  • Passive immunity : which are accure outside from body by the used of antibodies
  • Active immunity : Which is Make by body against any antigens

Causes of deficiency: Many reason by which immunity is decreasing i.e.low body activity, Eating fast food ,lack of nutritional diet ,Serval disease like AIDS which directly attack on our immune system .in AIDS working capacity of WBC is decrease and body is infected by many minor disease, White blood cells are repurted in AIDS which is main reason of deficiency of Immunity in HIV patients.Not only HIV many others disease are also present which causes deficiency of immunity.

How to boost immunity:-at present time due to spreading of Corona virsus immunity is only key which save us . Strong immunity is work as a barrier of every disease .by the used of following tips you can boost your immunity:-

  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep and immunity are closely tied. …
  2. Eat more whole plant foods. …
  3. Eat more healthy fats. …
  4. Eat more fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement. …
  5. Limit added sugars. …
  6. Engage in moderate exercise. …
  7. Stay hydrated. …
  8. Manage your stress levels.
  9. Yoga is good role play to increase immunity . it’s key of health.
  10. Leave fast food
  11. Eating nutrition rech food

By using above step you gareented enhance your immunity. Food and herbs have great role to enhance immune system.we are discuss only that super food or herbs which available every home,that are following:-


Consume turmeric may increases immune response.this is due to quality of curcumin which is a compound in turmeric.Turmeric have antioxidant and anti-inflamatory effect .


Tulsi plant contain many madicinal prperties.leaf of plant strength the stomach and help in respiratory diseases by many properties tulsi help to boost immunity.fresh chewable tulsi leafs provide many health benifits

Tulsi has been used as a natural hand sanitizer due to anti microbial activity.


Plant of neem have anti microbial and anti bacterial properties.it is help to improve immune system by cooling the body internally.


Ginger may boost immune health…..its have anti -inflammatory and anti oxidant effect .Starting your morning with glass of ginger tea can help to enhance immunity.


Garlic help to decrease nause and lower down the blood pressure.Garlic have immunity enhancer properties due to because heavy concentration of sulphur containing compounds

By the used of above super food we can enhance ours immunity. All these herbs are commonly available every home and also in market at reasonable prices.

Other than food or herbs Yoga & Meditation also play good role in enhance the immune system.

Yoga provide physical fitness to body, all organ proper working and by the help of meditation we can provide freshness to our mind.Physical fitness and good mind directly related to immunity.

Sound body contain sound mind”