How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone you also know its male sex harmone. It not only related to effect of sex drives. Testosteron have various function on body. Like muscle and bone strength, stamina and many more. Before discuss how to boost testosterone naturally. You need to know serval basic.

Almost sex function in male is control by testosterone. Less or decreases in level of hormone cause various serious effect of own healthy life.

Time of drive is play main role to sexual satisfaction. Various people face less time of sex drive or premature ejaculations. This is normal but man feel haisiyat to share these problem. Various of my friend ask personally for solution of these problem. Now we releasing less intercourse time is common problem of various people.

After study of many more research. We ready to suggest to how to increases testosterone level.

1. Eat Carbs, Fat and protein

Eating of food is direct related to own hormone balance. Good food help to maintain proper balance.

Some research suggest carbs reach diet help to maintain testosterone level. Carbohydrates is also good of calories. Butter, cheese, and wheat is major source of carbs.

Protein intake is help to maintain healthy level. Eggs, soyabean and milk is one of good sorce of protein diet.

2. Regular Exercise

Doing regular exercises provide good result on health. If you are physically and mentally fit. Then your hormone level is almost balance.

Near 30 minutes daily exercise help to maintain testosterone level.

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D play main role to regulate to testosterone level. Sunlight is very good source of vitamin D. But anyone can not take it from sun. Because due to busy lifestyle. And inside work in office take more away from sun light.

Vitamin D can also take from some supplements. Many foods are good source of vitamins D. Cow’s milk, orange juice,cereals, egg yolk and liver is main food component of vitamin D.

4. Manage Stress

When we are in stressed condition. Our adrenal gland secrets cortisol to handle stress. Small amount of cortisol is helpfull. But when it secret large amount its harmful to body.

When cortisol level is high then testosterone level is decreases. To decreases stress or tension we decreases cortisol level. Stress free life is provide real happiness.

5. Eat Well Balance Diet

Balance diet is those which contain all essential nutrients. Health and well being not only related to excercise. Its also co related to nutrition rich diet. Good nutrition help to maintain testosterone level. Most of all harmone balance is direct related to nutrition balance.

No one thing is special for body. Everything have own specific role. Nutrition and exercise both necessary for healthy life.

You can maintain testosterone naturally with food. Following food play major role to maintain testosterone level.

  • Bananas
  • Lemons
  • Spinach
  • Almonds
  • Oysters
  • Garlics
  • Eggs

Many people ask are testosterone booster is safe. We can say no they are not safe. Continues used of testosterone cause various harmful effect on health. They decreases sperm count. Distribute in breathing at time of sleep, swelling of ankle.

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