Acidity is very common problem. Many more or we can say near 60 persent people are suffer little or more acidity problems. Acidity easily treat by home remedies. Here you find exact reasons for acidity and relief.

Firstly we need to discuss about what is acidity? Ours stomach naturally contain acid (HCL). These acid is essential for food digestion. But certain time acidic content in stomach is increases. These excess acid flow back into food pipe and cause irritation. These irritation and burning like filling is called acidity. Excess acid cause chest burning or pain like sensation. Chest burning and irritation is common symptoms of acidity.

What Causes Acidity

Continue changing life style is major of acidity. Day to day life we are much more busy. Near 60 persent people say they have no time to exercise , yoga or any physical activity. Due to less physical acidity body is like dull. Below serval point direct increases acidity.

  • Eating of oily food
  • Overeating and Obisity
  • Absense of schedule of eating. Missing of meal.
  • Smoking
  • Decrease or absence of physical activity
  • Continue eating fast food
  • Drinking Alcohol

Cure Acidity By Home Remedies

1. Mint leaves

Pudina or mint leaves have antacid properties. They provide interior cooling to body and reduce burning. Mint leaves is very good natural option for acidity.

Leaves of mint can eat by many way. Chewable of leaves also provide relief in acidity. For fast result boil few leaf in water and drink these water.

2. Cold Milk for Acidity

Everyone know milk is high in nutrition content. Calcium and protein present in good amount in milk. Some research prove calcium and protein help to decreases acidity. In case of cold milk, it it contain more of protein and calcium as compare normal milk.

3. Fennel or Saunf for Acidity

Fennel have anti ulcer properties. It help to cooling and soothing of stomach wall. Constipation is cause acidity. Fennel help to cure normal constipation. Eating fennel after meal help to good digestion of food.

Fennel is natural spices which present almost every kitchen. Most of people eat fennel with sugar due to its little bitter taste. Our advise is eat fennel without sugar. Because sugar intake for long time is harmful for body.

4. Lemon Juice For Acidity

Lemon juice is highly acidic in nature. But when you dilute with water then it show alkaline properties. These alkaline nature help to reduce acid in stomach.

If you want to use lemon juice as antacid. Then take it before 20 minute of meal. Use 1 table spoon lemon juice and dilute with one glass of water. After complete mixing you can drank. These dilution help to maintain acidic level in stomach.
Other then acidity cure lemon health benefits are many more.

5. Amla or Indian gooseberry

Amla contain number of health benefits. In which acidity relief is one of those. Dried form of amla provide effective result to decreases acid level in stomach. Dried amla intake with water. Highly amount of Vitamin C present in amla. Vitamin C is essential for immunity of body.

Drank amla juice in empty stomach provide good digestion. These help to cleaning of stomach. If you are continue drink amla juice then chance of constipation and acidity is very less.

6. Water

Water is very common but give more effective result. In morning at empty stomach drink one glass little worm water, as it help to proper cleaning of stomach. Proper intake of water prevent indigestion, decreases acidic level.

Avoid drinking water immediately, just before or during meal. It cause improper digestion.