how to stop hair fall

How to Stop Hair Fall ;Treatment and Reason

Hair fall is a very big problem in today’s youth, some people have too much hair, some people have less hair and some people go prematurely bald all the time. Before we fall, what is the reason behind this, why do we brush our hair? Why does hair fall, can hair be prevented from falling? Are there any home remedies or tips for this, then in this article, we are going to give you some tips and give you complete information about hair fall and tell you how hair Stop loss of? (How to control Hair Fall information in

Reason for hair fall

There is no one reason to fall hair, there are many reasons, but here we will tell you the reasons that cause most hair fall. Let’s know which is the reason.

Taking more stress:

If you are very upset with your work or if you are under a lot of stress, then your hair loss also starts.

Dandruff in hair:

If your hair has more dandruff then it is also a reason for hair loss, if your hair has more dandruff in your hair then your hair will start falling more.

Having a scalp infection:

If you have an infection in the scalp, then you should see a doctor if there is a lot of hair fall.

Using different types of chemical shampoo:

Yes, if you use different types of shampoo daily or use shampoo again and again, it causes hair loss as you all know that How many chemicals are in today’s shampoo which is harmful for our hair

How to Stop Hair Fall

Tips 1

Massage the scalp with oil Sayed, you would not know that the main reason behind our hair fall is that hair circulation is not detected in the hair, if the blood circulation in your hair does not reach well, then your hair starts to fall after every two days or else Massage your scalp with oil two to three times a week, it will help in your scalp to get blood circulation properly, so that your hair fall will stop after some time.

Now here you have to use such an oil which does not have any kind of chemical, today you will get many fragrant oils in the market, in which if there is chemical, then use such oil, which is not chemical, you will be good and your hair will be good. Become stronger which will reduce hair fall

Tips 2

Apply mustard, coconut, sesame oil to hair Sayed you do not know, when applying different types of oil in the hair, hair starts to fall, then you should always use mustard oil, coconut oil, oil of oil, oil of jatun This oil is very helpful in making your hair strong and thick, this oil prevents hair fall and makes hair strong.

Tips 3

Use Amla and Aloe Vera Amla and aloe vera are very beneficial for strengthening hair and preventing hair fall Amla (phyllanthus emblica) hair is very helpful for natural growth (hair growth) Amla has a lot of vitamin C which is found in hair. It is very important for Aloe vera, it is also very beneficial for hair, it prevents hair fall and makes your hair strong.

Tips 4

Apply curd and lemon to hair Make a mixture of yogurt and lemon in a bowl, then apply it on your hair scalp, this mixture will work like a hair conditioner that will remove all the dandruff from your hair and like all of you.

It is known that there will be no dandruff in the hair, so it will reduce hair loss to a great extent and your hair will become stronger, then after massaging the head with a mixture of curd and lemon, leave it for about 30 or 40 minutes, then it will Wash hair with a natural shampoo.

Tips 5

change your food habits If you do not eat good food, which contains protein, then your hair loss will not stop. Always try to eat high protein and green vegetables, eat moss fish. They contain a lot of protein, such as pizza, cold. Eat a small amount of cold drink, etc.

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