Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)


Abortion is legal in India under certain condition. Medical termination of pregnancy I.e. MTP is work with serval circumstances. People have various misconception about MTP. Terminate of Pregnancy only done by medical professional ( gynecologist with MD degree) at govt. approval hospital. When we see according to social or religious ethical view abortion is like a big offence. But some time its need of life.

What is MTP ?

Firstly we need to know what is Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP). In common language we can say it’s a abortion process by use of medicine.

Pre stage of pregnancy ( up to 9 weeks ) can be terminate by use of medicine. There are many medicine are available in market for specific purpose.

Most commonly used medicine are cytotec, mifepristone, misoprostol etc. Medicine are given by oral, injection or also done by vaginal route.

MTP is one of the safest method of terminate of unwanted pregnancy.

What is the Procedure?

MTP best work upto 9 weeks pregnancy. Tablet are given some days before actual abortion. Exact procedure is depend upon types of  medicine used. But we discuss common used process.

Mifepristone and misoprostol is commonly used for abortion. This is combination of two medicine which provide good result. Mifepritone block the effect of progesterone, natural female hormone which is needed for pregnancy for sustain.

Without progesterone hormone the uterus (womb) break down and stop the growth of Pregnancy.

Mifepristone increase contraction of uterus to cause of absorption.

Dosage of drug take under medical supervisor. After stop bleeding doing medical examination and check abortion is complete or partial.

Are Any side effect involve in MTP ?

Not series but serval normal side effect are also occur due to use of MTP. Chances of serval side effect is vary less. But we cannot neglected.

These are

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Uterine contractions

These above side effects may occur or not. We can prevent by using other drugs. Antibiotics is also given to prevent infection. According to side effect specific drug help to overcome these condition.

Condition for Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Under these act abortion can done under serval condition. Now you clearly find answer of particular question.

Can anyone go for absorption? We can say absolutely No. MTP is legal in India with serval condition like

  • When continue of pregnancy is harmful for both fetus and mother.
  • Pregnancy cause series health issue to mother also leads to death related condition.
  • Pregnancy occur due to some unwanted condition like rape,
  • In case of death of fetus in ovary, absorption is necessary for prevent infection
  • Advice to MTP when pregnancy is harmful for both mother and fetus.
  • Due to presence risk of injury to her mental or physical health.

Misconception about MTP

People have various thought about MTP. These misconception are due to misguide or lack of knowledge. Below we are trying to discuss serval misconception about medical termination of Pregnancy.

  • Number of people said MTP decrease future chances of pregnancy. But we clearly told its totally false. Various studies shown that, this medicine does not impair with fertility of women. Your future chance of getting pregnent are as equal who not take medicine.
  • People ask this medicine cause any series health issue or future health problems. We can say absolutely no. This medicine does not show any future health issue. Only normal side effect I.e.vomiting, cramps may or may not occur. If patient suffer from anaemia then excess blood loss cause series health issue. Before take this medicine doing physical examine.

Misuse of Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Misuse of MTP is many more then own thoughts. Many people use MTP kit as a wapoon to kill fetus. Mentality of people too old. Number of people like boy as compare to girl child.

Availability of MTP tablet in market more easily. And prices is not more high. These thing also help to increase misuse. Due to lack of awareness selfish people

Medical Termination of Pregnancy  ( mtp )

Daily number of cases is registered under MTP offence.

Stick ness in law only one way which help to prevent misuse. Increase market priced and decrease availability is also help to overcome these problem. Main work to do in the society level. Run awareness program on socity, village. These program help to change gender specific thought of people.

Key Features of MTP Kit

The effect of all the drugs in the MTP kit lasts for about 8 to 12 days on the woman. And sometimes Kabar can have its effect even for 15 days.
The drugs in the MTP kit do not always occur immediately after taking them as they take a long time to dissolve and take 1 to 2 hours to show their effect.

Those women who are pregnant for more than 10 weeks, then you should never use the MTP kit. If you are pregnant for more than 10 weeks, then you should consult a doctor or else it can prove to be dangerous for your health.

Some women are very worried about the MTP kit that they will get used to this kit but taking all the medicines of the MTP kit will not affect you in any way. You will never get used to it.

If you are pregnant and also consume alcohol, then the medicines of this MTP Kit can prove to be harmful for you. Consumption of these medicines along with alcohol can damage your uterus.

Bottom Line

Briefly, abortion is legal under certain condition. It is a also a big offence if not follow specified condition.

If abortion is necessary then MTP is good other then surgical. Not bad for health. No future pregnancy problem occur. More then 20 weeks pregnancy cannot be terminate. But in rare case post pregnancy can be terminate by court order
Social, religious and also huminity ethical view abortion is very bad.