Nutrition is part of health. Good health is direct related to nutrition. Lack and excess of nutrition cause various nutritional disorder. If we take nutrition less diet for long time. Then deficiency of nutrients appears as some disorder. The deficiency disorder affects the structure and function of the body part.

The excess of nutrients in diet is also harmful for the body. If we take animal fats in excess amounts. These fats cause cardiovascular diseases. I.e. diseases of heart and blood vessels. Large intake of animal proteins may cause cancer of large intestine. Excess of some vitamins, such as A and D has an adverse effect on the body.

In above line we trying to exact define nutritional disorder. Now we can say the diet should neither have excess nor deficiency of any nutrients for normal healthy body.

Nutritional Disorder List

Deficiency is caused by less intake of proteins, calories, vitamins, and minerals in the diet. In below we discussed list of nutritional deficiency diseases.

1. Kwashiorkor

It is a protein deficiency disease. That is most widely spread kind of malnutrition. It commonly affect infants and children between 1 to 3 years of age.

Symptoms :

The common symptoms of Kwashiorkor are underweight, stunted growth, poor brain development, loss of appetite, anaemia, protruding belly, slender legs and bulging eyes. Oedema of lower legs and face and change in skin and hair colour may also occur in Kwashiorkor. Mostly symptoms of nutritional deficiency are common.

Causes :

Absence or less intake of protein cause of Kwashiorkor. Serval infection disease such as diarrhoea, measles, respiratory infection which weaken the child. There are some contributory factor for the diseases.

Cure :

The proteins are building foods. Which are essential for growth and repair of tissue. Need proper intake of protein through diet. The good source of protein are pulses, eggs, milk, leafy vegetables, peas and beans.

2. Marasmus

It is form of prolonged protein-energy malnutrition (PEM). It affect infants under one year of age.

Causes :

This diseases is caused by deficiency of all nutrition. Protein deficiency is also caused of marasmus. It affect the infants when mothers milk is replaced by low protein content food. Malnutrition and immunodeficiency and ij infection is the world’s leading cause of infants and child death.

Symptoms :

Due to protein deficiency, impair of physical growth. And mental development is retards. Side fat is disappear. Limbs become very thin. Skin become dry, thin and wrinkled. Continue loss of weight. Digestion and absorption of body is also very poor or stop. This leads to diarrhoea.

Cure :

Good nutrition diet given to infants. Proper amount of protein is also present in diet.

3. Dry Eyes ( Xerophthalmia)

Dry eyes is caused by deficiency of vitamin A. It is an eye filament due to lack of tear gland, may result into bacterial growth.

So it also cause of ulceration of cornea and even blindness. Proper care of eye and intake of vitamin A is help to overcome these diseases. Read tips for batter eye care.

4. Night blindness (Nyctolopia)

Night blindness is also caused by deficiency of vitamin A. It is the inability of person to see in dim light. If we take regular intake of vitamin A in diet. Then chances of night blindness is very less. The good source of vitamin A is green vegetables, carrots, and eggs.

5. Anaemia

anaemia is nutritional disorder caused by iron deficency

Home remedies for Anaemia treatment

Nutritional deficiency anaemia is main caused by deficiencies of vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron deficiency. Reduced in haemoglobin content is mainly due to iron deficiency.

Iron rich and other nutritional food help to cure anaemia nutritional deficiency. Food like beans, leafy vegetables, sea foods, seeds and nuts. Dark green vegetables and red meat are help to batter cure. Read detail about Anaemia

6. Beriberi

It is caused by deficiency of vitamin B1 or thiamine. Main symptoms are decrease in weight, loss of appetite, retarded growth, weakness in hands and legs. Regular intake of vitamin B is help to batter cure of beri beri.

7. Scurvy

Deficiency of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is cause of scurvy. Blood vessels become fragile. This cause bleeding in mucous membrane. Falling of teeth, delayed healing of wound are other symptoms of survey.

8. Rickets And Osteomalacia

These nutritional deficiency diseases is cause by deficiencies of vitamin D. Rickets affect the children. Bones become thin, soft and weak due to poor deposition of calcium and phosphorus. Long bones become bent. Wrist, elbow and knee joints have painful swelling.

Direct sunlight is good source of vitamin D. Various market suppliment are also present. But natural is always batter then artificial.

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