During pregnancy, many women may suffer from problems like nausea and vomiting ,constipation, toxaemia etc.

Nausea and Vomiting :-

These are the common in the early part of pregnancy. You may find that eating snacks often help to prevent and overcome this discomfort. You may find that high carbohydrate diet in the form of small feeds is helpful.

Food like, roti, toast or biscuits may help. You can eat a small amount of fruit or drink some fruit juice. It may be helpful to avoid strongly flavoured foods, tea coffee and spicy or oily foods. Remember nausea is just a passing phase.


This condition occurs because as pregnancy progresses, the enlargement womb presses against the intestine and prevents their normal movement. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits as well as whole grain preparation to provide roughage.

A glass or two of water taken before breakfast is often helpful. Some people find warm water more helpful then cold water. Many women tend to decrease their physical activity. Excercise helps to prevent constipation and also keeps the body fit.


Many women have swelling or puffiness around the ankles in the late pregnancy. However in some women, especially in poorly nourished ones, this may be accompanied by high blood pressure and kindly problems.

Toxaemia has series effect on the baby. Some babies may have retarded growth or lung problems and some may even die. To avert toxaemia, a pregnant woman should have a nutritionally adequate diet.

Do’s and Don’t for pregnent mothers:-

Every mother wants to have a healthy baby.Here are some tips of Do’s and don’t that may help you or other who seek your advice.

Don’t and Do’s

Some do’s :-

  • Have a check up regularly at the same clinic.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Have a small and frequent meal.
  • Pay attention to your skin, breasts, teeth and blood circulation.
  • Do a few simple exercise. These help you to relax.
  • Avoid over exertion and strenuous exercise
  • Drink plenty of water

Some don’ ts:-

  • Never take any drug without a doctor’s advise and supervision. Some drugs are harmful for the baby
  • Smoking is harmful for the baby, so do not smoke.
  • Do not consume alcoholic drinks. But if you do, do it moderately.
  • Do not get into conflicts which cause anger

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