Prevention of diseases ; spreading by food, water and other….

Now let us see what specific diseases can be caused by eating contaminated food, and what you can do to prevention of diseases which spread through food, water, cooking and serving utensils and food handling. How to prevention of diseases ?? By follow serval common tips we enjoy free from diseases and a healthy life.

Prevention of food spreading diseases :

Diseases like enteritis, typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery and cholera are caused by micro-organisms which spread through food and water. Tuberculosis may also spread through milk or other food. A specific type of micro-organism present in an acid type of canned food can sometimes result in a deadly disease like botulism, and various moulds present in the canned food can lead to food poisoning.

Milk is a very good medium for the growth of micro-organism and may become a vehicle for the spread of diseases like diptheria, typhoid, paratyphoid, cholera, dysentery and scarlet fever. Fortunately, our practice of boiling milk destroys all the diseases carrying micro-organism and makes it safe to drink.

It is important for you to realise that parasites like hookworm, etc., spread through fruits, vegetables, greens and foods which grow close to the soil, because this soil often gets contaminated with the excreta of humans and animals.

To ensure that these fruits and vegetables, get freed from these micro-organism you must wash them very thoroughly in clean water and if possible soak these in a solution of potassium permanganate or ordinary salt solution. Click to read about food basic group

Preventing the spread of diseases through water :

Water is also a major source of contagion. Water is collected from many different source and if the source is not a protected one, it may have a very high potential for spreading many disease. If your supply of water is from an unprotected source, you must boil or filter the water before drinking it.

Preventing the spread of Diseases through Utensils :

Often you would have observed the utensils being cleaned with soil. If the soil used is collected from places which are trodden over by men and animals, this soil becomes a major source of infection. If the economic conditions do not permit the use of soaps and detergent then ash should be used. Ash is sterile and safe for cleaning utensils.

Have you noticed that many times, only one napkin is used for cleaning the cooking platform and wiping the utensils? This is one of major sources of infections through utensils. Pathogenic organism may spread from diseased person to others if the utensils used by them are not cleaned properly. Therefore, such utensils should be thoroughly cleaned and sun dried.

Preventing spread of Diseases through Food handling :

Handwash  help to prevention of diseases
Continue Hand wash help to prevent spread of diseases

To protect yourself from infection and diseases, take care to eat only at those places which are clean and tidy in cooking and serving areas and where the foods are kept covered, and thus, protected from flies and other insects. When you eat out, select only those food which require minimum handling by food handlers and that are prepared and served preferably in disposable dishes. Avoid eating food at wayside eateries.

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