Strawberries are juicy, bright, red and sweet fruit. Strawberry are good source of certain vitamin like vitamin C and B9 . its a excellent source of manganese and potassium. Strawberries are rich in plant compounds and antioxidants. They are highly beneficial for sugar control and heart health. In this article we tell about strawberry nutrition info.

Strawberry Nutrition Info.


Vitamin C is direct related to immune system, it is necessary for skin health and immunity. Strawberry are good source of vitamin c.

Strawberries also contain vitamin B9 ( folate). Folate is essential for cell function and tissue growth.


Manganese is mineral which is necessary for serval body functioning. it is not found in own body, it can be take by food. High amount of manganese present in whole grain, and fruit. Strawberry is come under fruit which are excellent source of manganese.


Potassium help to regulate various body function like control of blood pressure. High intake of potassium decrease chances of stroke. It also help to reduce bad cholestrol. Strawberry also contain some amount of potassium.


Fiber help to improve digestive health. Good intake of fiber useful for weight loss because they provide filling of fullness.

98-100 gram strawberry provide 2-3 gram of fiber.


Carbohydrates is essential for body because its good source of energy requirement. Own body need carbs content but in low amount. Strawberry contain less amount of carbs content , because strawberries very high in water.


Anthocyanin is water soluble pigment, which are good for heart health. Food those contain anthocyanin they have number of health benefits.

Anthocyanin is mostly present in strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, purple grapes and red wine. Strawberries is good source of anthocyanin.

Strawberry Nutrition Facts

one cup (150g) of fresh strawberry contain following components

Carbohydrates13 g
Calcium25 mg
Iron0.70 mg
fiber3.80 g
Phosphorus42 mg
Protein1.15 g
strawberry nutrition info