Fitness and health of body is direct related to nutrition. At present awareness about nutrition is increase. Any vehicle cannot run without fuel. Same process is work on body. Because health cannot be maintain in absence of nutrition. Nutrition is work as fuel for body. Before discuss about importance of nutrition in life firstly know basic of nutrition.

What is Nutrition?

We know importance of food in life but now need to importance of nutrition. Nutrition is about eating healthy and well balanced diet. Here balanced and healthy diet means a food which contain all essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are;

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Vitamin
  • Minerals

These above are main nutrients. Some other secondary nutrients are also need.

Importance of Nutrition

Suppose when you have huge amounts money and you suffering from series diseases. At that particular time you should not happy because you arte not healthy.

A famous line is ”Health is Wealth” is hundred present right. Happiness is direct related to health. And health is direct related to nutrition.

Value of nutrition is also depned upon own different types of meal plan. Every nutrients have specific and important function in body. Below information help you to select right food.


When body need energy for working. Carbohydrates is main source of energy.

Eating good carbs help to prevent constipation. These are mostly present in leafy vegetables. It help in utilisation of fat.

Carbohydrates rich food;

The source of carbohydrates in diet are:

  • Cereals i.e. rice, wheat, maize
  • Sugar, honey , sugarcane
  • Potatoes, leafy vegetables
  • Fruit like bananas, mangoes, grapes, melon
  • Milk and jam


Protein is work as building block of body. It is main body building food. All sports person, athletes, and body builders increases intake of protein rich food. 70-100 gram protein daily.

Protein rich food

  • Cereals, nuts, oilseeds, pulses
  • Eggs, meat, fish
  • Milk and its products
  • Leafy vegetables and fruit
  • Soyabean , ground nuts, peas and beans


Vitamin are many types i.e. vitamin A, B with B-complex, C, D,E, and K. Different vitamin form different function in body. Vitamin D good for skin and bones. E vitamin is for proper functioning of reproductive system.

Vitamin K help in clotting of blood. It prevent excess loss of blood at time of injury or surgery. Vitamin A is necessary for eye health. It aslo help to normal growth of body. Vitamin C is help to improve our immunity.

Vitamins rich food

  • Vitamin A is obtain from butter, milk, ghee, curd and eggs. It is also present in red vegetables like carrot and tomatoes.
  • Source of vitamin D is liver, fish, eggs, yolk, milk,butter. Sun light is a good source of vitamin D.
  • Whole grain, cereals, soyabean, peanuts, coconuts are good source of vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K obtain from green vegetables like spinach, methi, reddish leaves,
  • Vitamins C is mainly present in citrus fruit like orange, lemon, sweet lime.


Minerals are also many types. Some main types are iron, calcium and iodine. Different minerals have different function. Calcium is necessary and good for bone strength. Iron is main component of haemoglobin. Iodine is also important constituents of thyroid hormone.

Minerals rich food:

  • Calcium is obtained from milk and milk product except butter. Green vegetables are also good source of calcium.
  • Iron rich source is whole grain, cereals, eggs, yolk,
  • Main source of iodine is iodine salt and sea food.

The above nutrition data is for normal person. Different field or person to special particular condition have some change is diet. Like increase in importance of nutrition during pregnancy. Pregnent women less intake of carbs rich food.

Pregnent women and new born baby are often gives dose of vitamin K. Because vitamin k help to decrease bleeding during pregnancy and brain hemorrhage.