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Why to need substitute for lemon juice when lemon contain very good health benifits. Let take its answer. When we see its benificial use of lemon we not need to substitute it.

But some time lemon is not in hand at time of need. In some people it causes allergies reaction and some are irritating there flavour. Exact replacement of lemon juice is not possible. But certain natural and artificial substitute are available.

Best Substitute for Lemon juice

There are many substitute are available. But we discuss only the best. That easily available in market or home and good to use. The following are the best replacement for lemon juice;

1. Orange juice

Orange is good substitute because it have mostly same properties.

It is also belong to citrus family. It is less tart and less acidic then lemon juice. Orange juice have bearable flavour. Orange juice is easily available in market. We can easily make lemon juice at home in very less time.

Keep in mind when using orange juice as a substitute of lemon juice take in equal amounts.

2. Lemon extract

When we not need any acidic content of lemon then lemon extract is good option.

extract mostly use in baking recipes. Because in baking need only flavour not acidic content. Lemon extract fulfill these requirements. When need lemon juice only for odour or flavour purpose then lemon extract is good choice.

3. Lime Juice

Lime juice make from fresh limes. It is good option for lemon juice substitute. Because it have similar ph. But lime juice is less acidic as compare to other substitute.

It is used to make limeade. Lime juice also used as a ingredient in many cocktails.

4. Citric Acid

Powder citric acid is good substitute of lemon juice. Only small amount of citric acid is need to recipe adjustment. It is more acidic then lemon juice. 5-6 gram citric acid acidity is equal to half cup of lemon juice

When lemon juice is not available citric acid can be used food additives and food preservation.

5. White Wine

White wine is obtained from white grapes. It is also one of the best substitute of lemon juice. Before use of white wine keenp in mind it is more acidic then lemon juice. In acidity, half cup of white wine is equal to one cup of lemon juice. Excesess addition of white wine cause pungent smell in recipes.

6. Vinegar

When we used lemon juice only for acidic purrpose then vinegar is very good substitute.

Vinegar should not used in those dishes in which lemon juice is one of key ingredients. It cannot used for flavour and sweetness purpose as lemon substitutes.

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