Covid 19

What is Black Fungus | Black Fungus Disease Symptoms

black fungus symptoms

Now days people faces covid 19 and afraid about it. So wrost and tipical environment all around. Most of people think after recovery of corona virus, chances of other or same infection is very less. People are not fully right or not fully wrong.

Black fungus is found in covid infected patients. Mucormycosis or black fungus mostly found in prolonged diabetes or other series diseases affected patients.

What is black Fungus ( Mucormycosis)

They are group of black moulds which are naturally present in environment.

The fungal enter in body through respiratory or digestive tract. They also can enter through infect through skin or wound.

Black fungus is very rare but series infection which found in recovered or recovering Covid-19 patients.

Black Fungus Disease Symptoms

Black fungus appeared to be as post covid symptoms. No specific research can be done on Mucormycosis symptoms. But serval warning sign appeared like headache, high fever, running nose, bloody vomits. According to govt. advisory must suspect of black fungus if there is;

  • Numbness or facial pain
  • Toothache
  • Continue pain in chick
  • Lesion on skin
  • Eye infection with blurred vision
  • Thrombosis
  • Difficulty in respiration
  • Chest pain

Black fungal diseases is very rare, major risk are only see when patients suffer from any series diseases.

Most black fungus attack on weak immune system person, chances of infection is more in diabetes patients because they use medicine for suppress immune system.

The rises in cases may be connected to use of steroids in hospitalized covid patients. Because continue use of steroids lead to to decrease in immunity.

Treatment of Black Fungus

For treat of black fungus or Mucormycosis eventually require surgery, and also treated with anti fungal drugs.

Medical treatment include maintaing systemic hydration, central catheter, infusion of normal saline. Need to give anti fungal therapy for four to six weeks.

If person are diabetes patients then it can be managed by controlling of diabetes. Also need to stop or discontinue use of steroids because they lead to immunity deficient.

According to government advisory decease used of steroids , controlling diabetes or other series immune system related diseases like cancer, give antifungal treatment. And also take surgery if need.

How to prevent Mucormycosis or black fungus

We need to follow serval guidelines to prevent black fungus. You already know precautions is better then cure, if you do proper care then you don’t need cure.

We asked a question everyone wear shirt why anyone take fine without shirt ? Wear masks as regular clothes , mostly when you go outside from necessary to wear masks.

Wear long trouser, shoes , long sleeves shirts, wear gloves at time of gardening or handling of soil.

Maintain personal hygiene through scrub bath. The diseases mostly effected low immunity person so maintain immunity. If patients are diabetic firstly need to control diabetes because it leads to immunity deficient.

Use steroids only if they are very necessary , and use in correct dose , exact timing and duration.

If any sign or symptoms appear don’t take lightly. And not necessary nose block or other same symptoms are black fungus, its can be normal infection. Don’t create panic and consult your doctor for take proper advise and treatment.