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What is Yellow Fungus | Cause And Symptom Everything Need To Know

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Fungus infection continue rising in India, you already hear about white fungus, and Black fungus. Now another one fungus to be found, which are yellow fungus. Scientific name of yellow fungus is Tremella Mesenterica.

According to Times of India 8000 fungus infection cases reported in India. Most of cases are black fungus.

When we talk about yellow fungus its first infection found in Ghaziabad ( Uttar Pradesh). The patient who suffer from yellow fungus are under medical supervisor.

Cause of Yellow Fungus

Yellow fungus or we can say black and white all fungus infection are caused by bad hygiene. Humidity help to provide growth to fungus.

Most of fungus found in old food, moist soil. Its very important or necessary to clean your home and surrounding.

What are Yellow Fungus Symptoms :

  • Fungus effect digestion system its leads to loss of appetite and other digestive problems.
  • Loss of weight.
  • Slow down the healing process of wound.
  • Leakage of pus from wound.
  • Facial problem occur in fungal infection, pain in check and sunken eye is common.
  • Organ failure due to eventual necrosis.

Treatment of Yellow Fungus

You already know its a new or rare infection. So proper treatment cannot be suggested.

According to Times of India, Amphotericin B which is antifungal injection used for fighting against fungus.

Bottom Line

Its very pandemic times for all. You already know precautions is better then cure. Need to follow serval basic precautions which are helpfull to maintain our health:

  • Clean your home and surrounding
  • Prevent bad hygiene
  • Eat good and fresh food to boost immunity.
  • Doing excercise or yoga regularly
  • Only go outside when its very necessary.
  • Hand washing and mask wearing make doubting habit.

Stay Home Stay safe