This is my first blog

It’s Deep goswami .iam a pharmacist and nutrition advisor. I want to share own knowledge and thought with you by using that platform.i start share with you own personal knowledge, worldwide survey about health,fact about health and I share only real fact not copy from you know everything about health.

In this post you read about some basis and amazing thing and knowledge about own body and health

Health what is ???

Any person who free from disease is the healthy?? Here it’s a big question mark.The answer is absolutely No so what the means of health or wellness.Health is many more then a free from diseases body .

Health is always important but present time Corona’s topical conditions the value of health is increases.Corona is work as a health hazard .Corona effect on world wide health we discuss about it own next blog post .Now topic is health, wellness cannot be measure only on the basis of physical strength it’s have various measurable point.

In the simple way means of Health according to WHO is “a health is state of complete Physical,mental,and social well being and not merely the absence of diseases”. Physical is about the body . Mental is about people think and feel . Social talk how people live with other people.It is about family, work, school and friends.

Enjoying of life is possible only when you are healthy. Happiness is depends upon mood or fillings which also related to health. Health is not only physical level it also veries from emotional and social level.

We are details discuss about health is further post .own next blogs we discuss about;

  • Types of Health
  • Research on health
  • Corona-health hazard
  • Immunity- enemy of Corona
  • Other death cause diseases
  • Nutrition
  • Value of nutrition
  • Accupressure
  • Details of yoga
  • Depression

Many more…………….

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